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Short interview videos showcasing the current research focus of the Nanofacory

Video 1 & Video 2


•Development of novel MEMS in-situ SEM/TEM characterization systems and novel atomic force microscopy (AFM)-based characterization technologies for multi-physics studies of advanced materials

•Characterizations of the mechanical, topological,  frictional, electrical, electro-chemical, piezoelectric, and electrostatic properties of structures at micro/nano scale

•Materials of interest include sub-nm thin films, 2D materials & interfaces, inorganic III-V films, nanotubes and nanowires, polymer composites, dental materials, biological tissues and cells.



•Controllable synthesis of 1D and 2D materials

•Lithographical patterning of 1D & 2D structures

•Synthesis of 1D & 2D composite structures


•Advanced materials-based electro-adhesives for multi-scale transfer printing and robotic gripping​

•3D printing of nanomaterials-based composites

•Scalable assembly of nanomaterials-based electronic devices

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